A trick to help your belly loose like a cake


A trick to help your belly loose like a cake

With the change of people’s aesthetic standards, beer belly is no longer a sign of mature men, replaced by the sexiness of men.

According to surveys, successful men’s physical fitness is generally poor, because they have been in the air conditioner for a long time, and they are susceptible to flu and headaches.

Due to lack of exercise, the aunt under the skin often bloated and stood up, and the belly became bigger and bigger.

  The simple operation method is as follows: 1. Lie on your back with your feet tightly close together and lift up 10 cm. Keep this action for about 10 seconds. Then put your feet down and repeat this set of actions 50 times.Second is better.

  Second, lie flat with your feet close together, knee joints flexed, put your head behind your head with your hands crossed, raise your head slightly, look at your knees, and do sit-ups 50-100 times.

  Third, sit on the chair facing forward, with the upper body straight, twist the chair with both hands tightly, point your feet together and lift up. Keep this motion for 10-20 seconds, then lower it and repeat it 100 times.

  There are also many fitness equipment for sale on the market. Fitness coaches recommend that a sit-up machine that can be exercised on the floor is more effective in strengthening the stomach, and models with counters and time meters are even better.

  Sit-ups allow men who do sports to easily do sit-ups in a supine position, assisted by equipment, turn to the side body, and exercise to the side abdominal muscles that are easily overlooked when training for ordinary people.

  Since the sit-up machine often moves up and down during exercise, you should pay attention to whether the screw rotation of the equipment is appropriate and whether it can maintain stability to avoid crooking the machine during injury.

There are also bow-shaped abdominal devices sold on the market that use both hands to apply pressure to the abdomen. Because users often need a certain amount of wrist force to pull the equipment to strengthen the abdomen, otherwise the effect obtained will be discounted, so it is suitable for a certainPeople using power.

  In fact, both men and women hope that they will become more and more beautiful and be able to present their best side. Dashy men should have “metering” instead of “belly weight”, “sexy” and not “carnal”, and spend the summer easily.