[Can maternals drink rose tea]_Postpartum_Can I drink


[Can maternals drink rose tea]_Postpartum_Can I drink

After giving birth, the parturient’s own body is very weak, so you must be very aware of your body’s conditioning, especially the daily diet. Some foods are not edible, but some foods that have nourishment to the body must be consumed, and teaMany products are very popular among women, but there are also many tea products that women cannot load.

So, can a mother drink rose tea?

First, can a mother drink rose tea?

You can drink some red date water during confinement. Red dates are a good thing to drink more.

Roses have beauty and beauty, pass through the channels, soften blood vessels, and have significant effects on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension, heart disease and gynecology.

Harmonizing liver and spleen, regulating qi and stomach, regular drinking has great benefits, does not affect milk secretion, and has no harmful substances. It can be taken during lactation.

The confinement diet is a diet recipe for pregnant women during confinement. The essence of confinement is reflected in the fact that the mother has a lot of bleeding during childbirth, coupled with sweating, backache, abdominal pain, which is very physical exhaustion, qi and blood, and weak bones.At this time, it is easy to be affected by wind and cold, and it needs to be readjusted. Therefore, it is necessary to confine after birth to recover health.

Second, rose tea is mild in nature and contains many vitamins, xylose, glucose, malic acid, geraniol, nerol and other substances. It has a variety of effects such as qi and depression, beauty and beauty, so breastfeeding mothers can be appropriateDrink rose tea.

If the postpartum mother has a bad mood, low mood, irritability, depression, and sadness, then it is likely to cause postpartum depression, and rose tea has the effect of rectifying qi and depression, to a certain extent, it can relieve the irritability in the body and has a certain degree.Sedative and soothing effect.

Can a maternal drink rose tea?

Breastfeeding mothers will need to take care of the baby, and they will have irregular schedules. For a long time, the facial skin will be rough and dark yellow. Rose tea has the effect of regulating qi and blood, which can improve the facial color and make the face ruddy.Shiny.

Rose tea is warm in nature and has a warming effect on the body. If you drink rose tea for a long period of time during lactation, it can easily cause discomfort such as fire and fever, and it will also transfer heat to breast milk, which will cause your baby to become angry.Conditions that affect physical health.

In general, I personally recommend drinking once every 2-3 days.