26 style authentic hot yoga


26 style authentic hot yoga

Hot Yoga was created by Bikram Choudhury, an internationally renowned yoga teacher from India, with the assistance of a physician, so it is also called BIKRAM Yoga.

Bikram from India was very uncomfortable with the climate of Hawaii, Japan and other places. His students began to warm up the place where he practiced. It was not until 40 ° C that he smiled satisfactorily.

In 1971, Bikram was brought to the United States at the invitation of the American Medical Association.

Bikram’s yoga system consists of 26 poses that can move the whole body in 90 minutes.

These posture-changing stimuli help the body reach a state of equilibrium.

In 1973, Bikram began training teachers and teaching his “hot yoga” around the world.

  26 movements, 40 ° C-This constitutes the perfect sequence of joining BIKRAM Yoga from one movement to another. 26 exercise movements allow fresh oxygen-rich blood to be delivered to the organs and muscle tissues of the body.Optimal physiological state.

Normal weight, muscle shaping and a sense of well-being are born immediately.

  If properly heated and selected in the yoga training gym, the practitioner will sweat.

Even if the room is not heated, everything that is produced during the practice of yoga will make you sweat.

When Bikram invented this heat treatment, he tried different temperatures and humidity, and finally chose the current standard.

    The difference between BIKRAM yoga and room temperature yoga is different from high temperature yoga training venues to reach a certain temperature, usually about 38 to 40 ℃.

  The purpose of different high-temperature yoga training is to allow the body’s internal tissues and lymph glands to be stimulated at high temperatures, rebalance the body’s natural chemical and hormonal standards, and thereby regulate the internal and external functions of the body.

  Action orchestration The action orchestration of high-temperature yoga is basically fixed, so ordinary yoga.

There are 26 routines of hot yoga and a fixed routine. Each exercise must follow the sequence.

  People who need to pay attention are particularly weak or have low or high blood pressure. People should pay attention to the time of practicing high-temperature yoga and pay attention to rest in the middle.

  Breathing is needed to match high-temperature yoga.

Accelerate metabolism in a “nasal suction and vomiting” mode.

Because nose hair can filter dirty air and harmful bacteria, nose breathing can also make people more stable.

  Beginners need to communicate with the teacher. Beginners must inform their coaches of their physical condition in advance before practicing, and the armor instructor adjusts according to the book’s own situation in time.

   Will sweat a lot during the practice of high-temperature yoga, you will sweat a lot, so you should add plenty of water, but not too much; drink water an hour before the exercise, and add plenty of water after the course.

  Practitioners should pay attention to those who are allergic to heat. People who are allergic to heat will find it uncomfortable to practice yoga in a high-temperature environment. It is best to follow the doctor’s advice during the first exercise.

  Everyone ‘s constitution and situation are different than themselves, so do n’t compare with others, just compare with yourself. For example, as long as you can bend to a certain degree last time, this time you are better than the last time.It’s worth cheering yourself on, because you’re getting closer to health.

  However, the pursuit of perfect yoga can improve people’s figure, endurance and flexibility. It reminds beginners that it is not necessary to excessively pursue the pursuit of perfection when practicing, because this can easily cause strain.The maximum effect can reach the effect of exercise.

  To persevere in any sport, only long-term adherence can achieve long-term and significant results.

  Items ready to choose light-colored and fitted sportswear, such as shorts, swimming suits, sports bra.

Avoid wearing sweaters, trousers, and heavy sweats to prevent the clothes from being breathable; a pot of 1000 ml of water; and at the same time maintain a happy mood and a positive attitude.

  The body is prepared to start drinking plenty of fresh water in the morning to ensure that the body is adequately hydrated. It is best to stay on an empty stomach during class, and it is best to start class 2 or 3 hours after a meal.

  After class, let your body slowly cool down and drink plenty of boiling water.