Toothless elderly should also brush their teeth


Toothless elderly should also brush their teeth

There are toothbrushes for alveolar and alveolar parts specially designed for toothless elderly people abroad. The toothbrush gap is a little softer than ordinary toothbrushes, but currently there is no such product in China, so it is not recommended to use ordinary toothbrushes to clean teeth.Grooves and other parts.

  In fact, the teeth are beginning to fall, indicating that periodontitis should probably be added. At this time, in addition to treating periodontitis, more attention should be paid to the daily care of the remaining teeth to prevent their replacement. In addition, the remaining natural teeth are the basis of dentures.The health of these teeth directly affects the life of dentures.

  For some patients with periodontal disease, the doctor recommends that while flossing twice a day, you can also use dental floss, toothpicks or interdental brushes to help remove plaque and clean the teeth.

Generally, it is recommended to use dental floss with a small gap between teeth. You can use a toothbrush or toothpick in the gap between teeth. When using a toothpick, you must prevent damage to tartar and other parts.

  The elderly with dentures all over the mouth should develop the habit of rinsing mouth after meals and before going to bed. Wash the dentures after each meal. If you feel a strange smell in the mouth, you can gently brush the back of the tongue with a toothbrush (front 1/2 of tongue)?
2/3) to reduce bacteria accumulation.

For the elderly who can not take care of themselves for a long time in bed, the family members can wipe the gums of the elderly with clean gauze dipped in salt water. This can also adjust the cleaning effect.