Moisturizing must know 11 stars?



Moisture must know 11 stars

It’s true that women are made of water.

80% of the human body is composed of water, and the skin itself contains the following: natural moisturizing factor NMF, hyaluronic acid, polysaccharides, collagen, amino acids, glycerol, etc.


hzh {display: none; }  “即效型”保湿产品就是单纯地模仿肌肤自身拥有的保湿因子。  Advantage: This type of moisturizing product contains almost no oils, such as moisturizing water, essence, gel and so on.

After applying, you will feel that the skin’s dehydration condition is immediately improved, the skin texture becomes extremely smooth, and it seems as if it is about to spit out water.

  Soft ribs: Even the artificially moisturized skin’s natural moisturizing factors are perfect, and like the skin, they will be evaporated by metabolism.

Therefore, the moisturizing effect of these singles is not long-lasting, and it cannot improve the deep problems inside the skin.

  Star Humidity 1.

Many small-molecular-weight hyaluronic acids contain star-shaped stars, which has excellent moisturizing function. It has better water absorption and anti-allergy than animal extraction and chemical synthesis. It can absorb 800 times more strongly than itself.Water molecule.

Fancl’s moisturizing mask, L’Oreal’s new moisturizing products contain it.


PCA natural moisturizing factor is the new favorite moisturizing product, for the first time added PCA natural moisturizing factor.

Under the same conditions, its viscosity is much lower than other moisturizers, without the sticky and thick feeling of glycerin; compared with the ratio of hyaluronic acid, it is easy to save without being limited by temperature, and it is also very good with other moisturizers.The synergy is good when used together.

  ① FANCL new water-free repair and repair facial mask is not priced. ② Paris L’Oreal New Moisturizing Full-Day Moisturizing Cream 110 yuan. ③ Favorite name Extreme Moisturizing Repair Lotion 350 yuan. They make water-locking cells extremely strong. Moisturizing technology has been developed to this day.One part is firmly focused on the last step-lock water.

No matter how much it is added, it is useless if it is not retained.

Among the moisturizing ingredients, such as ceramide, plasma, soy lecithin, unsaturated fatty acids, etc., are all good hands with built-in water-locking cells. These products are classified by experts as “repairing” moisturizing.

  Advantages: These moisturizing products all obviously contain oil and are in the form of creams and essence oils.

Therefore, they will not be quickly metabolized like instant moisturizers, and the built-in water-locking system will be stronger and the moisturization will be durable.

  Soft ribs: Water-blocking oils are still achieved through simulation techniques, such as the use of vegetable oils, mineral oils, synthetic fats, etc., which contribute to different skin moisturizing capabilities.

If the repair is added and the water supply is insufficient, the condition of dry oil and internal oil will still occur.

  Star Humidity 1.

Centella Asiatica Lanc?me study found that when the skin is under stress, the brain’s instructions release resonant messengers to protect the skin from external erosion.

This process will disturb the skin’s normal moisture balance, which is manifested by the skin’s redness and inflammation of dehydration.

An extract from Centella asiatica, a traditional Chinese herb, has a powerful soothing effect. As an active ingredient, its main function is to eliminate the symptoms of fever and to soothe the skin quickly.

Moisturizing and moisturizing 24 hours a day, the skin is always aware of smoothness and smoothness.


Aquaporins Dior scientists have discovered Aquaporins for the first time. This part won the Nobel Prize and became a proud discovery in the moisturizing industry.

Their role is to activate the movement of moisture, especially to promote the movement of glycerin on the surface of the skin-it is an excellent moisturizing and water-retaining molecule.


Katafray is the core ingredient of Clarins Henrun’s moisturizing series. It is also the “soul plant” that exerts its moisturizing energy.

Laboratory research has found that the plant extracts extracted from Cardaph bark have excellent repairing functions, can strengthen the protective barrier of the sebum film, and enhance the water storage and water retention function of all structural levels of the skin.


Carob extract PFA grows a tree species called carob tree in the driest regions of the world. Its fruit is known for its strong water storage properties.

Carob seeds were previously used as a unit of weight for gems.

The term “carat” is derived from carob seeds.

This shows its preciousness.
Chanel’s laboratory has extracted its patented active ingredients. It is pure, powerful and extremely active. It can directly act on the core of the skin’s life. Epidermal cells can produce their own natural moisturizing factors in the best state.
  ① Lancome Water Margin Shuyue Gel Cream 620 yuan ② Dior’s new hydrodynamic essence emulsion 620 yuan ③ Clarins Hengrun Moisturizing Mask 360 yuan ④ Chanel Moisturizing Essence Essence Water 550 yuan (repair type)