Spring skin care 10 beauty DIY


Spring skin care 10 beauty DIY

Fight against dullness, oil, wrinkles, reduce pores, blemish, moisturize, reduce red blood . These are all skin beauty jobs that MMs do every day.

Tired of applying bottles and jars of cosmetics to your face, it’s better to use some natural ingredients to DIY the most practical skin care and beauty formula.


Crush the banana, add milk, and apply it to your face.

Wash after 20 minutes to make your skin smooth and smooth.


hzh {display: none; }  2.Stir egg whites and honey evenly and apply on the face to soften the skin and reduce wrinkles.


Turmeric powder and milk can be mixed on a wooden board to remove sunburn and reduce excess hair.


Oatmeal, cheese and tomato juice are evenly applied on the face, and washed with cold water after 20 minutes can help restore tanned skin, 5.

Placing raw potato chips on both ends can reduce freckles and scars.


Cucumber juice is a great firming lotion.

Apply cucumber juice evenly on both ends to tighten pores.

After 15 minutes, rinse with water.


Lime juice can also help restore tanned skin.

Lime juice is a natural bleach.


Honey can make skin smooth and shiny and reduce wrinkles.


Orange juice is a good choice for oily skin.


Rubbing the skin with ice cubes can tighten pores and promote blood circulation.