[Hazards of Enzyme Pit Valley]_Impact_Hazard


[Hazards of Enzyme Pit Valley]_Impact_Hazard

The more popular way to lose weight today is to use oral enzymes, which can speed up the body’s metabolism, thereby removing harmful substances from the body, which is a more effective way to lose weight.

Pigu is also a food-based method of health and weight loss, but we must also pay attention to the harmful aspects of the enzyme Pigu.

If the method is improper, or if the time is too long, the body will become very weak, which will add some diseases.

If there is a lack of enzymes in the body, it will directly cause the body to slow metabolism. Toxin waste cannot be eliminated in time (toxins are not just enterotoxic, but also include blood, bones, internal organs, muscles, etc.)The phenomenon of aging will occur prematurely, which will increase the burden on the heart. This is more serious for some people, especially for women who want to stay young forever!

Therefore, it is urgent to supplement enzymes.

But we can’t help wondering: Is there any enzyme?

What are the antagonists of enzymes?

Experts say that enzymes have completely different pharmacological effects from general medicines.

Enzyme is a kind of nutrient in the body. It does not produce side effects. It can be taken for a long time, causing recovery from serious illness or incurable diseases.

However, the individual differences are very large, and some people are allergic to comprehensive enzymes, but the reaction degree and frequency are very slight.

But these symptoms are not caused by enzyme replacement, in short, that is to say that enzymes, as a good nutrition to the body, have no replacement.

In Europe and Japan, more than 15,000 people are taking enzyme supplements or using enzyme therapy with great success, and the entire process does not produce any replacement.

The reason for no diabetes is that enzyme is a food rather than a drug. Many patients with chronic diseases also restore their health by taking enzymes (insomnia, low immunity, hyperthyroidism, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, etc.).

The correct way to cut the valley is to break the valley for a few days, which is a hunger strike, mainly to eliminate the body’s toxins and exercise people’s mental strength.

Taoism believes that people eat grains and grains, and many impurities and toxins accumulate in the body. Regularly removing grains can eliminate toxins, strengthen the body’s resistance, and achieve longevity;Excretion of material; 2. Resting meditation or sleep is the main daily; 3. Check saliva secretion every day. If the mouth is dry, you should add a small amount of water; 4. If the body is weak, dizziness, cold should stop immediately; beginnersTo be able to clear the valley for 3-5 days is already the limit, and those who are high in the field can dig valleys for more than a month and act according to their own physical conditions.