[Guilin’s food]_Food_What to eat


[Guilin’s food]_Food_What to eat

Guilin’s mountains and rivers are all under the sky. In order to satisfy their eyes, many people will come to Guilin for fun.

When visiting Guilin, in addition to watching the scenery, everyone may be most concerned about the local cuisine.

Before you travel, you must study various strategies.

Guilin’s cuisine is really a lot, such as Guilin rice noodles, Yangshuo beer fish, Tianluo Brewery, etc. are very famous.

Let’s take a look at the popular food in Guilin.

Guilin Rice Noodles Guilin Rice Noodles is the oldest and most famous local snack in Guilin for nearly three hundred years.

The main raw materials are flour, brine, covered vegetables, peanuts, spring onions, etc.

There are soup rice noodles, stewed rice noodles, hot and sour rice noodles, horse meat rice noodles, chicken rice noodles, burdock rice noodles and so on.

It is made from rice noodles, and it is served with brine made from beef, pork, pork bones, peppercorns, licorice, cumin, and Luo Han Guo.

It is round, pliable, strong, delicious, mellow, and fragrant.

There are intersection rice noodles (on the road from Lingui County to the airport), Wayao Shengli noodles shop, Qingyun soup noodles, pedestrian street Shiji, Yixuan, red nose, Shenlu and so on.

The live carp of Yangshuo beer fish opened the belly but did not shave the scales, remove the internal organs, cut two halves horizontally, cut a few knives each side to taste, then sprinkle the ginger and other ingredients, fry it in a frying pan, and put in the oilThe pan was blasted in high heat until the fish scales became soft and slightly rolled, and the fish body became yellowed. Pour in soy sauce, add tomatoes and sprinkle red peppers, and pour in half a bottle of beer and cook.

Yangshuo beer fish is a famous local speciality in Yangshuo. The fish meat is fresh and delicious without any trace of fishy smell. The aroma of beer and fish meat can ensure your appetite.

As said “don’t know if you don’t eat, you can’t forget it when you eat.” The unique taste of beer and fish attracts a large number of tourists who come here. After eating it, it is highly praised and recommended.

Tianluo Brew is a unique way of eating locally.

The practice of tin snail brewing is very complicated. Take out the snail meat, wash it, mix with spices such as mint, marinate and taste, stir-fry, and then steam it in the shell of snail!

The tail of the snail shell will be broken, and the meat inside will be sucked out from the front when eating.

In Yangshuo, almost every family will make Tianluo Brew, but the process is more cumbersome, so it will only be done during the New Year, which can be used to entertain guests.

Brewing vegetables is both a Yangshuo tradition and a reflection of Yangshuo’s dietary preferences.

Especially in many rural banquet seats in Yangshuo, there are almost no seats.

When making the snail brewing, you must bleach the snails out of the mud, cut the tail shell, pick out the snail meat, then use the snail meat to add other meat dishes, then add mushrooms, horseshoes, and onions (according to personal taste), mince and adjust to fillHeart, add spices and stir into a paste, stuffed into the snail’s belly, you must also master the heat, stir-fry until just cooked to be unique.

Because it is taken from the super-large field snail produced by the Lijiang River, it is cooked with ginger, fresh mint, and Sanhua wine, so the texture is tough and tender. It sucks out the filling heart after sucking. After sucking, it is full of meat and has a long and delicious flavor.

It has a faint mint flavor and three-flower wine flavor, which is delicious and spicy, which is one of the best in Yangshuo.

Minced the snail meat with pork, cilantro, mint and other condiments, then fill the snail’s empty shell and mix with the broth to cook.

It is said that the nuns were created by the nuns of Guiya Crescent Mountain.

As time goes by, production methods are widely spread.

Guilin nun noodle soup is made from soybean sprouts, fresh mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, and winter bamboo shoots.

The soup is golden in color, delicious and sweet, full of fragrance.

The noodles are cooked in clear water and placed in a bowl, and the soup is put into the bowl. Coupled with Guilin yuba, yellow vegetables, vegetarian ham, gluten and other vegetarian dishes and condiments, the nun noodles are delicious and refreshing.

The nun’s face is most famous for the Crescent Tower in Qixing Park.

Ginkgo stewed Laoya, a traditional nutritious dish of Guiguo stewed Laoya, is made from Guilin specialty ginkgo, diced duck, ham slices and various ingredients.

Its characteristics are delicious duck flavour, smooth ginkgo, strong soup and clear flavor, and has the functions of nourishing health, nourishing lungs and nourishing qi.

Lingchuan Dog Cinnamon Lin Lingchuan dog meat is famous all over the world.

Choose a good-colored puppy, generally six kilograms is wonderful, cut the meat evenly with a knife and a knife, the skin should be lumpy. Do not add water when you first enter the pot. Dry the scallion with warm heat. Cook with sand ginger and grass fruit.Anise, cumin and other spices are better cooked but not rotten, fragrant but not burnt.

Before serving, spray the three-flower wine, drizzle the tofu milk, the color and fragrance are good.

Eat better in winter.

Horseshoe cake Horseshoe cake The main ingredient is rice flour. The rice flour is mixed into a wooden mold like a horseshoe. It is covered with yellow sugar powder, horseshoe powder or sesame powder. It is steamed on high heat and can be eaten after removal.Sweet and tangy, soft and delicious.

Generally, it is mostly to buy cash for individuals.Scattered in the street lanes everywhere.

It is very convenient to pass between pedestrians and eat immediately.

Lipu Taro Meat is one of the famous dishes in the country.

Steamed with pork belly and Yangshuo sweet taro (also known as “betel nut taro”) or sweet potato and lotus root slices, the oil is not greasy, and the fragrance is not turbid.

Cut the pork into slabs, make it into a square, immerse it in the skin, dip into the seasoning, fry it into golden yellow foam, cut into small finger-thick pieces, match with the same-sized Lipu taro, and apply tofu, Steamed in an enlarged bowl, ready to eat in an inverted dish.

It has the characteristics of fragrant, crisp, soft, beautiful and beautiful, full-bodied taste, fat but not greasy.

Guilin muffins are mixed with glutinous rice and ground into an appropriate amount of rice, mixed with a little yellow sugar water, and mixed. Then the semi-dry and semi-wet rice noodle layer is steamed in a steaming bucket for one to two hours.

Its flavor is soft and refreshing, sweet and pleasant, and it is even better with Lipu taro.

In Guilin customs, muffins are usually used for festive occasions, such as birthdays, birthdays, and new house beams. Muffins are often presented as celebrations.

It is Guilin’s famous snack, and it is also sold on the market today.

Guilin Zongzi glutinous rice foods have many varieties. They have different flavors based on the ingredients used, such as bean soup, chestnut soup, lotus seed soup.

There are many varieties of glutinous rice foods, which have different flavors depending on the ingredients used, such as beancurd, chestnut coriander, lotus root coriander, steamed coriander, and triangle coriander.

The preparation method generally uses the soaked glutinous glutinous rice and the ingredients to mix well, wrap the bamboo leaves with cleansing and tie them, cook with fire for 1-2 hours, remove the filtered water and serve.

Ingredients generally include mung beans, red beans, peanuts, pork belly (or bacon), chestnut, lotus seed and so on.