[Can bitter gourd lose weight at night]_ bitter gourd _ weight loss _ diet _ taboo


[Can bitter gourd lose weight at night]_ bitter gourd _ weight loss _ diet _ taboo

Whether bitter gourd can lose weight at night needs to be scientifically understood, because although bitter melon can be used as a food for weight loss, it is a more effective dietary method for our health and to help us lower blood lipids and blood sugar.


Eating bitter gourd raw, the best way to lose bitter gourd is to eat it raw, so that those ingredients that help lose weight can be absorbed.


Do not drink bitter gourd water. The moisture will make the bitter gourd volatile ingredients. If you don’t want the whole loquat, you can try freshly squeezed, the effect is the same.


When eating bitter gourd to lose weight, you should also pay attention to the amount of bitter gourd. It is enough to control two to three sticks a day, not too much or too little.


If you use bitter gourd for cooking, try not to add seasoning, because the spicy and greasy substances in the seasoning will reduce the speed of weight loss.


The most suitable time to eat bitter gourd is half an hour before meals. At this time, the body’s food absorption function is the best. At the same time, eating before meals can also increase satiety and reduce food intake during meals.

6, bitter gourd weight loss is not suitable for everyone, sometimes spleen deficiency and cold stomach and pregnant women are not suitable, because bitter gourd belongs to cold ingredients, spleen deficiency and cold stomach and pregnant women themselves are afraid of contact with cold food, eat the bodyThere is no benefit, but it will cause other damage.

In addition, if you are in the physiological period, you should not eat bitter gourd.

Also, when buying bitter gourd, try to choose green or cyan bitter gourd, don’t buy yellow bitter gourd, the effect will be much worse.

7, long-term eating bitter gourd to lose weight is not a good way to lose weight, or a diet that is helpful to the whole body.

Because in addition to weight loss, bitter gourd can also be clear-minded, can increase appetite, nourish the liver and nourish the liver, nourish the spleen and kidney, etc., and have a good effect on promoting metabolism, clearing heat and detoxifying, lowering blood lipids.